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And welcome to my first blog post! My name is Emma and I wanted to start to document my art work not only in visual posts but in word, to maybe show some insight into how I think and develop ideas. I will be blogging mainly about work being made, from initial concept ideas to the final outcome. I will also be putting up posts on workshops, gallery visits, trips out that will help you form a picture of what and where I take inspiration from. Well, I think that’s enough for now, if you would like to contact me then please do so! Either through this or on my website contact section. I am also on social media @studiopinnock Thank you!

Over the last year I have taken part in a number of different art fairs and shows. Having your work group and out on display makes you look at it with fresh eyes. Also all the time sitting give you space to think! And being the massive other thinker I am, that’s a lot of thinking….3 things kept coming to mind, 1-my work is very industrial (buildings , bridges, bricks) 2-I use little or no colour and 3 while everyone appreciated the skills involved in my work but only a few would purchase the larger pieces. For me, 2016 is all about changing these points and seeing how the business can grow.


I sell prints and there’s no getting away from that, I don’t particularly want to either, I love prints. I have dabbled with the idea of getting high quality reproductions of the larger prints, in limited runs and selling these at a lower cost to reach a larger audience. Part of me doesn’t ant to do this, as I like the handmade, I like making as much of a product as I can, but I realise that with guest feedback that perhaps I need to let this go and develop a few key pieces in other ways. I already sell small printed cards and postcards and if I can keep the quality then it’s something I will definitely look into.

As well as possible products I want to start, if I can, printing my own fabric. It’s an obvious step using the lino as a block printing tool to make a repeat pattern. If the fabric was successful I could then use it to make cushions, lampshades and other smaller textiles pieces.


The only colour in my work are when its added into the background of a print using a block colour of paper or in a more fluid way to add in background colour using a ink wash. It could be added in by just changing the printing ink colour but honestly I love the black.

Subject matter:

I love buildings and I enjoy the complexity of adding in windows, door and bricks, pushing myself to add in more and more detail. It’s a dream of mine to live by the sea, and whenever I can I do like to be beside the seaside. It makes sense, to move the subject matter away from the industrial architecture and to the more abstract seascapes and perhaps landscapes.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for now! These are my goals…the first being I have booked onto a lampshade making course, I am so excited!


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