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Emma is an artist, print maker and art teacher born and bred in Gateshead but currently working in Manchester.



"After teaching for a number of years I decided that I wanted to move away from the classroom and develop my own art work. 


The major part of my work is lino cut, printing on paper.  This technique is all about the process of cutting away the layers to reveal the image.  You can never be sure how the design will work until the board is actually printed and I enjoy being surprised by the results.  Alongside my prints I am starting to develop and sell my drawing work, moving away from architecture and looking more at seascapes and landscapes.


I also want to expand my printing to include textiles and see how my work can translate to 3D."


Emma's work has been shown in Edinburgh at the West End Art Fair and The Assembly Rooms as well as local art and craft shows.  She regularly accepts private commissions for wedding and birth announcements as well as one-off print designs.  If you are looking for a unique bespoke gift then please contact Emma for quotes and to discuss details.  You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook-on Facebook there are a couple of videos showing Emma working on Lino cuts. 

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