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Mono prints and Drawings 

Mono prints 

Mono printing is a form of printing where you can only make that image or lines once.  I have been using this print technique more and more recently, I see it as a natural progression from my drawing work and they work in tandem.  I sometimes combine mono printing with drawing, or collage work.  Mono prints for sale in my shop are one offs, as stated above you only get one image with this technique.  The photos shown here are of Whitby abbey and Cornish landscapes.   


Drawing is fundamental to what I do.  It is the most important art tool I have.  I love to draw and recently I have presented my drawings as a final product rather than a tool to help me create a lino print or painting.  The drawing shown is one I have put together of the architecture on Grey street in Newcastle.  I have created a series of drawings of various cities to make into fabrics, these are all hand drawn by me onto the fabric.  I have also started selling original drawings, these could be of buildings featured in the shade designs or drawings completed on holidays or in general life.  All are original.  

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