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Lampshade making.....

A friend and I went to the ministry of craft in Manchester for the workshop on lampshade making. In my head, it looks like a fairly easy thing to make, but then again, perhaps not!

We had already cut our fabric to a slightly larger rectangle than needed, and had to lay it onto the self adhesive lampshade panel. With measuring, cutting and getting tangled with super strength double sided sticky tape, I was more than happy with the final result! It could be easy to get wrong, but when it works it could be the new product that I was looking for to add to stock and show off the prints. The only definite answer would be to make one, and that’s what I plan to do over the next couple of weeks. I think a floral all over pattern would work well, although I have got plans to make a print on Leeds and Manchester architecture, but a floral all over repeat would be best to start with.

Speak soon


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