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A Scottish wedding.....

Those who know my work and know me will know how much I enjoy doing a wedding commission piece! I am a romantic at heart. The wedding linos are something that I first did as a gift for my close friends to celebrate their days. I started by getting a picture of the couple from the day to include the dress and style of the wedding and then picking out images and objects that tell their story. Some pieces include the engagement but generally they focus on the day.

The latest wedding lino was commissioned for Selena and Sandy. They live and were married in Scotland. The pictures below show the different stages of preparation to final print. I enjoy making these prints, I have only ever had to print one and it’s such a beautiful reminder of a beautiful day. If you would like your own wedding lino commissioned or want to plan a gift for somebody special then please get in touch via the website contact page or on social media @studiopinnock on Instagram there’s a lovely testimonial from Selena on wedding lino.

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