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Saltaire Makers Market

Saltaire is a beautiful place! And for the bank holiday weekend 28th-30th May 2016 I was spending 3 days demonstrating lino cutting and selling my work at the maker’s market in Victoria Hall-a really stunning venue.

United reform church Saltaire lighting

Saltaire inspired information

The weekend started with a manic dash to the post office sending off orders for lampshades and prints before the show.

Driving across to Shipley, Bradford, where we would be staying was quicker than I thought. Once there we found our Ibis hotel and started to unpack, I don’t pack lightly, for weekends, evening and especially art shows. Once unpacked me and my mam did our usual wander along to the venue, find parking, drop off points, scenic routes, places to eat and drink and transport access for visitors.

Saturday 9 am we were allowed to start setting up, unlike other fairs where the system for setting can a bit chaotic this was easy and quick! The hanging system for framed work was a revelation to me! Might not sound a lot to some but if you’re not confident in your stand then it shows and the whole point of doing events like this is to meet people, talk to them and show your work off to its best!

The time went quickly and as always I have to thank my mam, Jacquie, she puts up with a lot, mainly me!

Jacquie mindfulness colouring after the show, and my rubbish!

Doors opened at 11. I sat down to start my lino demonstration. I had planned that over the 3 days I would sit and cut 2 if not 3 lino blocks. It’s funny now thinking about how I panicked on the Thursday night that I wouldn’t have enough to keep me going……to this day-2 weeks afterwards I still haven’t finished that St Ives print but I will! Tomorrow! I have set aside the time!! For those who know me,

I can be shy, I don’t like starting conversations, so demonstrating for me acts as a buffer. I Can work, if people are interested they can ask, and I can answer confidently as I know what I am talking about. Again, those who know me, know that I can talk, once I start, well frankly I don’t shut up! But honestly, it was such a pleasure. Working a lot, at home, on your own its isolating. Being able to talk about art, and what I do, and get such positive feedback and compliments was amazing.

The whole weekend was a success, not just in a monetary way, but just connecting to people who already follow me on social media and have seen my work in different outlets. It means a lot, so thank you to new friends, and to those existing friends who took the time to come and support-it makes me feel warm inside!

Afterwards I was offered a number of different opportunities and il let you know more about them when I can, but for now thank you friends, Saltaire inspired for organising, Victoria hall for a lovely venue and Saltaire for a beautiful welcoming place! Really if you are local to the North west, its well worth a visit, lots of lovely makers, and especially on the run up to Christmas, Hopefully we can do it again in December…..

the future......

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